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BrandSSL provides instant security for third party domain names on the fly. Gain all the benefits of SSL (security, speed, SEO rankings, and the ability to use HTTP/2 for greater speed improvements

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Branded visitor experience

Offer your customers the option of using a branded domain name, with the added benefit of a fully managed SSL certificate. Branded domain names offer your customers higher SEO ranking and improved visitor trust.

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High performance, low latency

With a globally-distributed infrastructure, BrandSSL ensures the fastest possible response times, and scales with you as you grow

How it works
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Secure domains

Secure unlimited domains with BrandSSL. SSL/TLS certificates on end customer domains ensure the secure transport of sensitive customer data, protecting against attacks and network snooping. BrandSSL uses multiple certificate issuers to prevent down times and rate limits.

How it works
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Automated SSL Lifecycle Management

BrandSSL manages the entire SSL lifecycle for your customers vanity domain name, from private key creation and protection to domain validation, issuance and subsequent re-issuance.

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Performance and Reliability as a Standard

At BrandSSL reliability is a vital core of our services, understanding deeply the critical importance of seamless uptime. Our globally distributed infrastructure, is designed for ultra-reliability, ensuring we deliver the highest standard of SSL security and performance, every minute of the day.
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How does BrandSSL work?

BrandSSL manages the entire SSL lifecycle for securing your customers vanity domain name, once setup, you can choose between two modes, either On demand or via an API call. Your customers will be able to point their domain names to the CNAME you provided when setting up BrandSSL, and the domain names pointed will be automatically secured within a few seconds.

Don't take our word for it, point any domain name at "" or "my.brandssl.io"

Flawless security
Flawless security

Secure connections on demand, BrandSSL uses industry standard Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL certificates with TLS 1.3, the newest standard for transport security, which is faster and more secure than its predecessors.

Rapid SSL Deployments
Rapid SSL Deployments

Easily provision SSL certificates for your customers without the nightmare of transitioning blocks of users, requesting settings updates or managing config for users, it's all done on the fly within seconds.

Secured white label solution
Secured white label solution

Give your customers peace of mind knowing that their visitors feel safe, thanks to valid certificates for fully-encrypted connections. They will thank you for it


“BrandSSL solution just works”

Their team accomplished all our requirements and customizations propagated near instantly

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All certificates are validated and issued within a few seconds
Yes, as long as the domain owner adds a DNS entry pointing to the service. Apex (root) and subdomains are secured automatically
Yes, as part of signing up we will ask you to point a CNAME at our service. e.g. app.yourdomain.com to a BrandSSL domain. The app.yourdomain.com is what your clients will use and add to their DNS
Yes, with BrandSSL's Custom SSL feature, you can upload your own custom SSL certificates. Please refer to our API documentation for detailed instructions on how to upload, update, and remove your custom SSL certificates.
Yes, you can use BrandSSL with your Cloudflare proxied endpoint.
No – While BrandSSL is provisioning the service we’ll send the traffic as http and then transition to https once the SSL certificate is in place.
BrandSSL will automatically renew and manage the SSL certificates
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