How it works

Supersonic speeds, A global node network. How BrandSSL delivers SSL at the edge.

On Demand SSL

BrandSSL uses a globally-distributed reverse proxy service to monitor unsecure traffic and issue SSL certificates at the edge. The BrandSSL network is high-uptime, high-redundancy and low-latency, seamlessly connecting thousands of requests a minute.

Whenever insecure traffic is detected by BrandSSL on the network, it automatically resolves the host to the origin server and begins the process of issuing an SSL certificate after passing a series of security checks, seamlessly switching from http to https once the process is complete.

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BrandSSL clients can easily manage the SSL certificates provisioned to their origin, removing or editing domain name as required. Multiple custom headers with dynamic values can also be appended to the traffic.



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All certificates are validated and issued within a few seconds
Yes, as long as the domain owner adds a DNS entry pointing to the service. Apex (root) and subdomains are secured automatically
Yes, as part of signing up we will ask you to point a CNAME at our service. e.g. to a BrandSSL domain. The is what your clients will use and add to their DNS
No – While BrandSSL is provisioning the service we’ll send the traffic as http and then transition to https once the SSL certificate is in place.
BrandSSL will automatically renew and manage the SSL certificates
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