Enterprise Service Level Agreement

Updated Oct 18, 2021

The Enterprise Support plan offers resources for customers running business & mission critical workloads on BrandSSL

1) Definitions
BrandSSL: "the service".
Global Proxy

BrandSSL’s network providing public access of client resources (the “app server”) via the BrandSSL server.

Certification System

The BrandSSL system which provisions SSL certificates.


“Claim” means a claim submitted by Customer to BrandSSL pursuant to these Terms.


“Incident” means any set of circumstances resulting in an observable or reproduceable degradation of the Service.

Outage Period

“Outage Period” is the number of downtime minutes resulting from an Unscheduled Service Outage.

Customer Planned Downtime

“Customer Planned Downtime” means downtime in minutes expressly specified to BrandSSL by Customer, this includes any request for their service to be suspended.

Unscheduled Service Outage

This means a disruption to the service that was not previously communicated to the customer, and that results in the customers service being unavailable to it's own End Users. Unscheduled Service Outage excludes any (i) Customer Planned Downtime; (ii) any downtime caused by an SLA exclusion

2) Service Level Commitment
100% Uptime

The Service will serve Customer Content globally 100% of the time.


If the Service fails to meet the above service level commitments, Customer will receive a credit from BrandSSL as set-forth in Section 6 of these Terms (the “Service Credit”).

3) Customer Support Response Times and Availability
Case Severity & Response Times*

Production System Down: < 45 minutes

Production System Impaired (any non-urgent Issue that, whilst potentially Service impacting, does not prevent Customer’s use of the Service in any material way : < 2 hours

General Guidance (any general question related to BrandSSL's products or services. For example, purely informational requests, reports, usage questions, clarifications regarding documentation, or any feature enhancement suggestions.): < 12 hours

4) Scope of Customer Support

BrandSSL will provide to the customer a dedicated Slack Channel for on-boarding and technical support services.

Customer support does not include code development or the debugging of Customer’s websites or software.

5) Support Channels

Support will be delivered via the Dedicated Slack channel, Email and via Live chat on the customers' dashboard

6) Service Credit Claims

To be eligible to submit a Claim, Customer must first have notified BrandSSL of the specific Incident and provided notice of its intention to submit a Claim, using one of the methods set forth in Section 5, within five (5) business days following such Incident.

To submit a claim, Customer must provide to BrandSSL reasonable details and sufficient evidence to support the claim, including but not limited to, detailed descriptions of an Incident, the duration of such Incident, network traceroutes, the URL(s) affected, and any steps taken, or attempts made, by Customer to resolve the Incident.

BrandSSL will use all information reasonably available to it to validate a Claim and make a good faith judgment on whether a Service Credit applies to such Claim.

7) SLA Exclusions

This SLA does not apply to any performance or availability issues: (a) Due to events outside of BrandSSL’s control, including but not limited to, Issues caused solely by:

  • Customer’s or its End Users’ hardware, software or connectivity issues;
  • Acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, agents, contractors, or vendors; or
  • a third party gaining access to the Service by means of Customer’s Authorized Users’ accounts or equipment; (b) Caused by Customer’s continued use of the Service after BrandSSL has advised Customer to modify such use, if Customer did not modify its use as advised
8) Service Credits

Service Credits are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any violation of the Service Levels.

Service Credits for this SLA will only be calculated against Customer’s fixed Monthly Fees.

Unavailability shall not be deemed to occur as a result of maintenance activities (emergency and scheduled); acts or omissions of the Client or its agents; network unavailability outside the BrandSSL network; backbone outages; power failure of the National Grid; or events of Force Majeure as set out in the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt the Client shall not be eligible for service credits if they are in violation of their responsibilities as set out in the Service Level Agreement or have any outstanding fees.